Frequently asked questions

Can I pre-order goods that out of stock?

Yes, you can... best to do this is contacting me via Instagram and i'll list you to thenext pre-order. IG : kpsonlinestore

How long would it take to pre-order?

18-30 days. including everything. It might be faster depending on courier flight per day I'll update through Instamgram. So keep in touch.

Do you have additional design that are not available on the website?

Yes we have but this need to be pre-order. If you're interested feel free to contact me through Instagram (kpsonlinestore)

Why Always INSTAGRAM ?

because I love Instagram and it very easy for me to contact or post and get in touch with the community... So do follow me on Instagram.... THANK YOUUU.....

Thank you for visiting
our website 🙏


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